As one of the industry’s oldest and most eminent hotel chains, we take our responsibility to the society and the environment in good earnest.

To bring development that is incremental and sustainable, people and communities have to be empowered to adopt to the changing realities. To this end, we are focusing on enabling sustainable livelihoods, healthcare and quality education. We employ global standards in ecological practices with a focus on conservation of natural resources and the cultural heritage.

Project Saksham

EIH Associated Hotels Limited (the flagship company of The Oberoi Group) initiated Project Saksham in November 2014. This has been a collaborative effort with SOS Children’s Villages of India and were operationalised across Chennai, Cochin, Jaipur and Bhubaneshwar.

SOS India has taken 24,000 children under its care through the two flagship programmes, Family Based Care and Family Strengthening. Project Saksham connects with SOS children from various SOS villages across the country. Under the programme, we prioritise extracurricular activities to raise children with an inclination towards imagination and creativity. The endeavour has created opportunities for growth and is helping better their futures in significant ways through quality education, healthcare and family support.

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We have installed multiple energy-saving equipment at our premises, including LED lamps, variable frequency drives for ventilation units, energy-efficient water pumps, heat pumps for hot water generation, waste heat recovery system for steam and water-saving aerators and sensor-based wash basin faucets.

We have also put in place an action plan to control energy consumption before the pandemic hit. It highlighted ways in which the company can adapt to the unfolding situation with minimal effect on the business. Some elements sacrosanct to the plan were as follows:

  • Building systems being operated at minimum levels mandated for maintaining safe and hygienic environment.
  • An operational strategy was implemented to ensure periodic maintenance of plant and machinery, with efficient maintenance routines for individual equipment
  • Hotel conservation measures with strict operational control of lighting and other equipment, regulation of air conditioning set points, taking guest floors out of order during periods of low occupancy, optimisation of laundry, and boiler operation were continued.

Additionally, we are also in the process of ensuring replacement of remaining conventional lamps with energy-efficient LED lamps, installation of heat pumps for hot water generation and swimming pool water heating, installation of waste heat recovery system and variable frequency drives for ventilation units. At Trident Udaipur and Agra, we are working to install a house solar power plant with optimum capacity. We are setting benchmarks with appropriate targets to maximise savings and have deployed energy conservation committees comprising cross-functional groups who are responsible for close monitoring and performance evaluation of plant and machinery by conducting regular self-audits and advancement of plant room equipment.

These measures are helping us bring down our total equivalent energy consumption, year on yer, with consequent reduction in CO2 emissions.